This was front page Iola Register June 12.  Picture courtesy of Bob Johnson Editor, Iola Register

Above photo was front page Iola Register June 12 and is courtesy of Bob Johnson, Editor



NinthTexas at Humboldt


June 9,10,11 2006

Civil War Days Humboldt Kansas


Humboldt 'burned' under hot sun

Register City Editor

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HUMBOLDT -- A blazing sun Saturday afternoon added realism to restaging Humboldt's burning by Confederate forces during the Civil War.

Re-enactment of the Civil War raid and conflagration was the centerpiece of Civil War Days, a celebration held every three years to note Humboldt's role in the war.

Oppressive heat -- officially the high was 94 degrees with humidity of about the same percentage -- likely kept some who would have been spectators in cooler, air-conditioned surroundings. About 200, maybe more, people, some with ice wraps on their necks and most taking advantage of whatever to fan themselves, huddled in the shade of trees in South Park.

The replayed Confederate raid occurred on Sept. 8, 1961, and involved 350 Southern troops, who took the city by surprise at dusk. Only two of the town's defenders were targets of Rebel guns, when both ignored raiders' orders.

Humboldt's townsfolk surrendered immediately and the town's home guard, garrisoned in a mill, gave up without firing a shot. Once the population was subdued, all buildings in the town except churches and homes of the ill were torched.

The raid was re-enacted as authentically as circumstances would permit. Smoke bombs were detonated to add to the realism.

The Ninthth Texas, a Confederate re-enactment group with members from several central Kansas cities, represented the raiders. They mostly marched into the mock version of Humboldt with a few, including a flag-bearer, on horseback.  ... MORE

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Teacher brings Lincoln to life

Register City Editor

HUMBOLDT -- Tom Leahy, a fourth-grade teacher at Conway Springs, portrayed President Lincoln during Civil War Days in Humboldt during the weekend.

Leahy's times at center stage, Friday at Mount Hope Cemetery and twice Saturday in South Park, were his first as the "Great Emancipator." ...MORE

Lincoln comes to Humboldt


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Members of the 9th Texas, a Confederate re-enactment group, portrayed Southern forces in the burning of Humboldt during Civil War Days Saturday in the town's South Park. The raiders carried blazing torches, but smoke came from modern devices that posed no safety threats.

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To see full versions of these pictures, purchase the 2006 commemorative DVD/CD with all events pictures included.