Past Engagements:

     The 9th Texas Regiment of Infantry, entering in 2014 its 31st year of existence as a Civil War reenacting group, has a storied past.  Here is a chronology of its major campaigns.


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  • April 3-5 #1 Max - Shoal Creek (KC Area)

  • April 17-19  St Joe Mo

  • May 15-17 #2 Max -  Capture of Jeff City, MO

  • May 30-31  CowTown Wichita, KS

  • June 5-7 #3 Max  Kingston MO

  • June 12-13  Humboldt KS

  • Aug 14-16 CW on the Western Frontier, Lawrence KS

  • Sept 4-6 Lamoni IA

  • Sept 18-20 #4 Max  Holden MO

  • Sept 25-27   Pawnee City NE

  • Oct 10-11 CW days at Museum of Nat'l Gaurd Topeka

  • Oct 16-18 #5 Max  Fortescue MO

  • Nov 13-15  #6 Max  Pea Ridge/Bentonville AR


The 9th Texas Regiment of Infantry has closed another successful year of the long War Between the States in 2009 with a season of hard campaigning, rain, and lots of fun. We had no national this year, but plenty of action in Missouri.

We  began the MAX (maximum battalion event) season at Shoal Creek in the Kansas City area in April, and commenced the 9th’s pranking by joining our brothers in the 4th MO by attacking ... our own Rebel camp! A total tactical disaster, but great fun! Mother Nature reminded us that winter was not yet over as she gently showered us with snow on Sunday morning.

Jeff City MO was our next MAX event in May. Who can forget the massive cluster Mother Nature created for the troops getting in on Friday night with a downpour which flooded the camps! On Saturday night, the 9th “raided” the federal camp during the wee early morning hours, posting Rebel “stick” flags all over their camp. Scripted hand-to-hand in an assault on the center of the federal line on Saturday and Sunday was, perhaps, the highlight of the weekend.

Kingston MO, a MAX event in June, was greatly supported by the city and the locals. A best-dressed bushwhacker contest was had and stolen from the 9th. Sunday presented a judged tactical against the Yanks which was won fairly by the Battalion. Rain again.

At Holden MO, the MAX event for September, we had a very memorable Saturday night campfire, and also sat for one of the great Bob Szabo photos. Robbie the Rooster joined us for the soldier’s life, and survived the weekend. Staff kidnapped our chicken mascot but could not keep the secret so he was rescued unscathed. Holden presented our highest turnout of the season with twelve (12) men including the undersigned. Rain again.

We capped the MAX season at Fortesque MO in October and pushed the federals back into their camp with “rolling thunder,” and thence into a sharp fight assaulting their formidable breastworks. Kudos to Capt. Girdner and the 3d Mo for putting this event on.

Of note, Cpl. Downey’s own Humboldt KS was staged again in June and for an action-packed, fun-filled weekend, this was matchless. And top that off with the Tip-on-Inn on Saturday night at which the 9th placed its own ceiling tile suitably painted with a depiction of our own mascot chicken.

Men of the 9th participated in other lesser events through the year at Kansas Day activities in January; Edna Ks in March; St. Joe MO in April; Wichita’s Cowtown in May; Lecompton in June; Lamoni IA in Sept.; Diller NE in July; Pawnee City NE in September; the Museum of the National Guard in Topeka in October; and Elmore OK in December.

We had anticipated participating in Lawrence KS’ Civil War on the Western Frontier in August with some of our brothers from other units, however, the City declined to permit us to fire blanks in South Park, and so we pulled out, with 85% of those polled in newspaper coverage of the matter supporting us.

The 9th continued a strong web presence with under the tutelage of Messrs. Ralph and Shemwell, and we also created a Facebook page for a little more interactive experience for the men and interested others.

Rank structure remained stable, and our non-coms have proven the mainstay of the 9th’s activities on the field.

We welcomed a new recruit into the ranks this year, Mr.  John Poitevin of Paxico. We also welcomed Mr. Mark Gianellonie, an old 9th man, back into the ranks. Pvt. Tom Leahy continued his extracurricular activities with his fine Abraham Lincoln impression. 

We said goodbye to Major Brian Albert of Battalion staff who relocated to Texas. Major Albert  spent 21 years with the Battalion and also was one of the mainstays of the 9th for many, many years, working his way up in the ranks to the position of captain. We are the poorer for his absence.

We welcomed to 1st MO Battalion staff Captain Dave Burnos of the 1st MO Dismounted who will assume his new role as major.

We bid farewell to Major Clayton Murphy of the 3rd Mo who passed on to his reward in 2009. A fitting Civil War memorial service was held at Shoal Creek, and gave us occasion to reflect on the bonds of brotherhood we reenactors share.

In concluding, I urge all soldiers of the 9th to be mindful of our place in the history of reenacting -- this was the 26th consecutive year that the 9th Texas has participated as an active Civil War reenacting group. That is really something to be proud of and speaks volumes about the rank and file, the people who truly make this organization go. “There is none finer.”

I remain most respectfully,

Brian Cox
Captain, commanding
9th Texas Reg’t of Infantry
1st MO Battalion

Soldiers of the 2009 Campaign

Captain Brian Cox
1st Sgt. Brian Shively
1st Cpl. Randy Downey
2nd Cpl. Bob Albert
3rd Cpl. Rob Matlack

Company A
Pvt. Jamie Ralph

Company C
Pvt. Brad Anspach
Pvt. Tom Fasula
Pvt. Mark Gianellonie
Pvt. CJ Gianellonie
Pvt. Jason Gibbens
Pvt. Chris Keidel
Pvt. Tripp McMIllan
Pvt. John Potevin
Pvt. Herb Shemwell
Pvt. Aaron Staab
Pvt Tom Leahy

Company G
Pvt./Major Chris Visser



Journal2009 for after action reports



Engagements for 2008:

Gas prices, a sluggish economy, and personal, family, and job commitments took their toll on attendance at events during 2008. Even so, the 9th continued its long-standing commitment to authenticity, hard-fighting, and fun, and made it a successful season. As the late Gen. John Beck was heard to exclaim, “there is none finer!”

Rank structure remained stable with 1st Sgt. Brian Shively, 1st Cpl. Randy Downey, 2nd Cpl. Bob Albert, 3rd Cpl. Rob Matlack, and the undersigned as Captain. The Battalion continued to be led by the 9th’s own Col. Brad Amend, Major Brian Albert, Sgt. Major Gary Sutton, and Color Sgt. Shawn Bell.

The 9th’s five (5) “maximum” Battalion events for the year were Dayton MO (March), Mahaffie KS (April), Stand of Colors (“SOC”), KC (May), Huzzah Valley MO (Oct.), and Prairie Grove AR (Dec.).

The 2008 campaign commenced with Captain Joe Broski’s 10th MO-sponsored reenactment of the burning of Dayton MO (March), where the Battalion burned down a facade town in reenacting the actual affair in 1862. The 9th and the Battalion took an unusual turn as Jayhawkers.

Our biggest turnout of the year was SOC (May), just outside Kansas City, which will hereafter be known as “Stand of Ticks” given the unrelenting armies of ticks which also took the field. Notwithstanding, the 9th put fourteen (14) rifles on the field as we battled not only the ticks, but federal infantry and cavalry, the heat, and the hills.

Our “national” event for the year was Gettysburg PA (July)  culminating, of course, in Pickett’s Charge on Sunday. The 9th Texas fielded nine (9) men for the eighteen (18) hour trip, five (5) day campaign. The event garnered some mixed reviews, including poor Battalion camp location, intermittent rain, mysterious sickness suffered by some of the men, and an unexplained premature termination of the Saturday afternoon fight.

We ended the season on a high note at Prairie Grove, Arkansas (Dec.),  a traditional 9th haunt. Although our attendance was half that anticipated, Mother Nature cooperated with relatively mild weather. We had some good battles and scenarios, including the issuance of raw rations, pay call, mail call, Saturday night potluck stew, and firing competitions. Kudos to Cpl. Matlack for winning the latter. Homie was passed on at the event from 1st Sgt. Shively to Pvt. Shemwell.

Other lesser events along the way which some of the men attended were Pipestone MN (Aug.), Brownville NE (Oct.), Lamoni IA (Sept.), and Wornall House, KC Mo (Nov.).

Color Sgt. Bell, a 9th alum, continued his work with Lone Chimney Productions which culminated in the premiere in early 2008 of Tom Goodrich’s Bloody Dawn. Pvt. Lahey also continued his first person impression of Abraham Lincoln at various events and gatherings.

We welcomed the return to the ranks by Pvt. Tom Fasula, an Iraq War veteran, who was with us in 2006 at Trenton MO. New man Pvt. Aaron Staab of Meriden saw the elephant at Prairie Grove AR. And Pvt. Andy Gallagher joined us for the Gettysburg campaign.

Unfortunately, we also said goodbye to Pvt. Roy Myers whose military commitments took him to a new posting. We greeted again at SOC, if briefly, Pvt. Brad DeVader who has relocated to Colorado.

The 2008 campaign was a good one with the regiment trying new events, facing new challenges, and recruiting new men to the ranks, while saying goodbye to others. The Battalion’s 2009 campaign is currently being formulated, but will undoubtedly provide the chance to display the 9th’s hallmarks of authenticity, hard-fighting, and fun, wherever it takes us.

The 9th’s webpage -- -- instituted several years ago by then-Captain Brian Albert,  continues to draw praise and new recruits. Many thanks to webmaster Jamie Ralph and to Pvt. Shemwell for their efforts in maintaining the site.

With thanks for the confidence of the regiment, and a hopeful eye to the future, I remain, your obedient servant,

Brian Cox
Captain, commanding
9th Texas Reg’t. of Infantry
1st Missouri Battalion

Soldiers of the 9th Texas - 2008 Campaign:

9th Texas structure of rank

Captain Brian Cox
1st Sgt. Brian Shively
1st Cpl. Randy Downey
2nd Cpl. Bob Albert
3rd Cpl. Rob Matlack

Company A

Pvt. Evan Andrews
Pvt. Jamie Ralph

Company B:

Pvt. Gene Hainstock

Company C

Pvt. Brad Anspach
Pvt. Tom Fasula
Pvt. Jason Gibbens
Pvt. Matthew Gibbens
Pvt. Chris Keidel
Pvt. Tony Mattia
Pvt. Tripp McMillan
Pvt. Roy Myers
Pvt. Herb Shemwell
Pvt. Aaron Staab

Company G

Pvt. Tim Adams
Pvt. Andy Gallagher
Pvt. Mike Lliteras
Pvt. Ricky Pieper
Pvt. Chris Visser
Pvt. Silas Wilkinson

1st MO. Battalion Staff
(promoted from 9th Texas)

Col. Brad Amend
Major Brian Albert
Sgt. Major Gary Sutton
Color Sgt. Shawn Bell



Engagements for 2007:

9th Texas
2007 Campaign  -- Retrospective

The 9th began the 2007 season with some hard fighting and tough weather at Shiloh Tennessee in March. We had ten (10) stalwarts make the battle.

Ft. Defiance in April was canceled due to that unpredictable Mother Nature.

Down home Mahaffie in Olathe KS in April was the 9th’s next campaign, and Cpl. Rob Matlack brought along his family, and Mr. Lahey presented his Abraham Lincoln impression.

Mother Nature called again at Tribbey OK in June, a devilishly hot event. We welcomed new man Rob Burrows, of Edna KS, into the 9th and hope to see him in the field again.

We took a brief Summer break, but fought again at Pilot Knob MO on the actual battlefield in September, and welcomed 9th veteran Ricky Peiper of Company G back into the ranks. The Battalion met a fate similar to Gen. Price’s in 1864 in the assault on the Fort.

We capped the season at Bentonville AR in October with the 9th’s biggest turnout of the season with fifteen (15) men. We welcomed new men Chris Keidel and Roy Myers of Company C into the ranks. 9th veteran Jon Matlack also attended with his family. We hope to see Jon on the field again. Most survived the campaign with bodies and pride intact.

Of note, Battalion Color Sgt. Shawn Bell continued his work with Lone Chimney Films in its production of Tom Goodrich’s Bloody Dawn on Quantrill’s 1863 raid on Lawrence. Several members of the 9th served as extras in the production.

Although not part of the 2007 campaign, it bears remembering that Gen. John Beck, a 9th member who ascended the ranks to brigadier general, passed on in February 2008. Gen. Beck made his last visit to our battlefields at Tribbey OK.

The 2008 campaign looks every bit as promising as was 2007 given that good calendaring has some early fights, Gettysburg in the middle, and Prairie Grove at the end. Who could ask for better?

Brian Cox





  • Mahaffie Station, Olatha KS
  • Shoal Creek
  • Tribbey, OK
  • Centralia, MO
  • Corinth, Mississippi
  • Cane Hill, Arkansas


  • Battle of Westport (Fort Belle Fontaine, St. Louis)
  • Tribbey, OK
  • Cabin Creek OK
  • Franklin, TN
  • Mine Creek KS
  • Cassville, MO
  • Prairie Grove, ARK
  • Battalion Muster, Fair Oaks MO
  • Mahaffie Stagecoach Station, Olathe KS


  • Spring Muster Fair Grove MO
  • Carthage
  • Middle Boggy
  • Boonville
  • Osceola
  • Cane Hill, ARK
  • Mahaffie Station, KS
  • Humboldt KS


  • Spring Muster, Yates Center (live fire)
  • Battalion Muster, Carthage MO
  • Mahaffie KS
  • Hodge Park MO
  • Grand Island NE
  • Perryville KY
  • Prairie Grove AR



  • Lexington
  • Mahaffie Stagecoach, Olathe KS
  • Vicksburg
  • Cole Camp
  • Maple Grove
  • Glasgow
  • Pilot Knob KS
  • Perryville KY
  • Marshall
  • Cane Hill, ARK


  • Round Mountain
  • Raymond
  • Cassville
  • Carthage
  • Wilson's Creek
  • Fort Gibson
  • Lexington
  • Boonville
  • Middle Boggy
  • Prairie Grove


  • Butler
  • Mansfield
  • Fayetteville
  • Honey Springs
  • Fort Gibson
  • Chickamauga
  • Mine Creek


  • Maple Grove Cemetary Wichita KS (battle of Maysville AR)
  • Raymond I
  • Grand Island NE
  • Gettysburg 135th
  • Pilot Knob MO
  • Wyandotte County Fairgrounds, KS
  • Cabin Creek OK
  • Prairie Grove AR



  • Shiloh TN 135th

  • Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis MO

  • St. Joe MO (recruiting depot)

  • Paxico KS

  • Antietam MD 135th

  • Lexington MO

  • Humboldt KS

  • Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis MO

  • Humboldt KS

  • Mine Creek, Melvern Lake KS

  • Spring Hill TN


  • Cole Camp
  • Honey Springs
  • Fredericktown
  • St. Charles
  • Grandberry
  • Shelbina
  • Prairie Grove


  • Ft. Blakely AL
  • Newton KS (muster)
  • Pea Ridge AR
  • Glasgow MO
  • Lone Jack MO
  • Pilot Knob MO
  • Cabin Creek OK
  • Centralia MO
  • Nashville TN


  • Memphis


  • Murfreesboro
  • Glasgow
  • Brownville
  • Carthage


  • Newton KS

  • Wilson's Creek MO

  • Butler MO

  • Ft. Riley Territorial Days KS

  • Grand Island NE

  • Glasgow MO

  • Perryville KY

  • Cabin Creek OK

  • Prairie Grove AK


  • Cole Camp


  • Gettysburg125th anniversary Gettysburg drawing by John Beck  This picture from a shirt Tim Adams had from the 125th anniversary of Gettysburg, he believes is drawn by John Beck
  • Mine Creek
  • Franklin


  • Shilo
  • Corinth


  • Eureka
  • Springs
  • Forsythe
  • Cider Days
  • Pilot Knob
  • Prairie Grove


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