Spring Muster

These pics are from Trenton MO Spring Muster 2006.


These pics are from2005's Muster!
From Spring Muster 2005

Sgt Cox from Spring Muster 2005

Spring Muster:  Trenton MO

Trenton MO, Spring Muster Plus Grundy County Civil War Living History Festival

  • April1-2 Trenton, MO ( Battalion Spring Muster) (MAX)  

                   Trenton Spring Muster 2006

The location was Trenton MO. We had a good turnout, and there will be a report soon, however I am going to go ahead and put up some pictures from the event.


TRenton:   Privates’ Report

Trenton a good time for all who went.  Pictures are below, and the Ninth had a good turnout and was the only company to weather the storm and stay for the complete event en masse.  Not a single Ninth Texan left the event despite a couple of thunderclaps and a sprinkle.

There was a fee when we all showed up Friday Night of $10.00 to join the MWCWRA.  This took us by surprise, as I didn't notice anything in the flyer previously. We didn't pay until we talked to the Captain. Since this was a big issue about the Mahaffie event, we had to face it early Saturday Morning.   The Colonel and the Captain had a meeting with the event organizers and were told the 10 dollars would cover the event insurance and for the whole year for insurance for other events and after some discussion, it was decided to go ahead and pay the fee to participate.  Concessions were demanded from the MWCWRA and they are supposed to get back to the Captain and Colonel about exactly what they cover and the policies they buy for the events.  It was decided to accept this for this one-year and see what they produce.  More will be discussed at Mahaffie about this issue.

The event was fun, and our muster allowed us to shake some rust off.  Colonel Amend will be employing some active commands to get us from a column of four to column of companies to a battle line in short order.  Wheeling, abouts, inversions, charges were all covered and it was impressive to see the 1st Missouri Battalion get it in short order.  The battle first day involved some charges into a fortification and it looked good.  The battle ended on a somber note as the rebels asked for and got a truce to look after the dead and wounded on the field.  Dead were arranged in a row, and the wounded were taken up to the Surgeon who made quick work of some mangled limbs.

There were a few decent Sutlers there, and in the evening there was a candlight camp tour and living history.  Then the weather report turned a bit sour and not too many others stayed behind for day 2.  We all stayed dry in our tents as it rained just a bit early hours Sunday.

Sunday, we had another battle after Church services and the Ninth took the fort from the Federals and won the battle.  The federals had a nice show of a canon breaching and the poor souls manning the gun were all killed.

 For me, I personally had a good time as I broke in my new 1862 style dog tent and was happy as I got to put the uniform back on.  Chris Visser, Tim and Mike Adams showed up from Company G.  Herb had some of his Carte de Visite to hand out for those who were there.  Rob Matlack had some wares to show off, and Hayhurst showed off his new uniform he made, as well as the one he made for a new recruit.

We had 2 new recruits  and they fit right in.  RC brought in one and Rob Hayhurst brought the other.  We look forward to seeing them at the next events.


Trenton Pictures:












Battles to be held both Saturday and Sunday.

School Days on Friday.

Candlelight tours Saturday night.

Sutlers all went home when it rained..  :(  

Straw, hay, firewood and water provided.

Possible partial food rations for Saturday and Sunday morning.

Port-a-potties cleaned daily.

 No Registration Fee. LIES! ( yeas there was.. 10 dollars to join MWCWRA

      Food vendors on site. 

Living History Festival

Trenton MO 64683

For more information contact Dave Davis at 660-359-5643 or City Hall at 660-359-2013 or email davisdm@missouri.edu