Civil War Reenacting.
Take a moment and find out about one of the most rewarding hobbies in the United States today.  Contact us to find out about honoring our forefathers and having a BLAST!!  There is no obligation except what you owe yourself to find out what you have been missing.



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Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri

The Ninth Texas extends an invitation to you to become a member of one of the premier Civil War reenacting organizations in the Western theater.

Taking the first step of becoming a member of the Ninth Texas is easy. Listed below are our company “contacts” for the various geographic areas which the Ninth covers. All you need to do is contact one of us and let us know you are interested. Believe it -- you can’t read this in a book!

Please don't feel intimidated if you have never reenacted before.  Everyone of us started out just like you, some of us many years ago (and we are still loving it!).  We are all about reliving the past and having a blast doing it and want to make your entry into the great, wide world of Civil War reenacting easy and enjoyable.


Eldorado/ Wichita

First Corporal Bob Albert

Third Corporal Mark Gianelloni                  

                                                            Mark Grew up in Southern Louisiana, a descendant of the owners of
                                                                                          Longwood Plantation, a sugar cane, lumber, and cattle operation in Baton
                                                                                          Rouge that dated back to 1785. He began reenacting at the age of 13,
                                                                                          shouldering a musket in his first event in 1983 at Champion Hill,
                                                                                          Mississippi. After moving up to Kansas to attend K-State, he met his
                                                                                          wife and has been here since, joining the 9th Texas at that time. Mark
                                                                                          has seven children, two of which are sons who are also involved in the
                                                                                          hobby. He lives with his family outside of Maple Hill, Kansas, and works
                                                                                          as an industrial mechanic for the tire manufacturer Goodyear at their
                                                                                          factory in Topeka. He has worked as an offshore oilfield hand, sales
                                                                                          man, company rep, school teacher, and machinist. He has lived in
                                                                                          Southern Louisiana, North Idaho, Eastern Kansas, and the back of his '69

Southeast/Central Kansas                                       

Sgt. Randy Downey


The First Sgt. Of the Ninth is the type of person who enjoys long walks in the evening (Drill with full packs and accouterments!) He is into cooperative camp experience (Water and wood details for slackers!!) And loves bunnies (Battered and fried next to the mash potatoes is a particular favorite!) He is a reasonable man with a simple philosophy (The non-commissioned staff is always right!) He bridges the gap between the enlisted men and the officers in a manner that is meant to enhance the civil war experience of all (Pay no attention to the frequent face palm and What the H....!!! comments that might be made!)

He may be reached at


Regiment Command                                    


Topeka/Lawrence/Manhattan/Kansas City
Captain Brian Cox
Captain Brian Cox - I began reenacting in 1993, and was appointed captain of the 9th Texas in 2006. I have been a Civil War buff most of my life, but when I went to my first reenactment in Topeka in 1993, I knew reenacting was for me. I am from Topeka Kansas, but was born in Texas so the 9th is a good fit for me. One of my biggest rewards in reenacting is getting a chance to talk to the folks at events about the Civil War, the life of the common soldier, and the business of reenacting - people just love their history. The 9th has a great bunch of guys and we always get into some good fights with the Yanks on the field, and a little mischief now and then.
Company G
Chris Visser


NinthTexas Website maintenance                              

Second Corporal Herb Shemwell                                                  



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Jamie Ralph







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