Wichita 2001 event


PerryvillePerryville event 2002

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Remember 2006 and all our events with this compilation from Mr Herb Shemwell.  A copy of his production, is available for your asking.


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Pictures from Lawrence/Cowtown filming aug 2007   HERE

Pictures from Tribbey, 2007: Here

Pictures from Shiloh:   HERE

Pictures from Perryville: Here

Pictures From First Manassas:  Here

Pictures from Cole Camp:  Here

Pictures from Humboldt: Here

Pictures from Cox and Shemwell Studios

Pictures From Trenton:     Here

Pictures From Mahaffie:   Here

Pictures from Jefferson City:  Here

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ITEM 1-1
Ninth Texas
Moving in under fire, the Ninth reloads...

ITEM 1-2
Lt Colonel Brad Amend...
... being helped off the field after being wounded in the Battle of Franklin

ITEM 1-3
Franklin Tennessee 2004 National Reenactment
The Ninth as we awaited orders to march.

ITEM 1-4
Behind Union lines
At Franklin, looking from behind Union lines at the Confederates withering fire as they assault the entrenched union forces...

ITEM 1-5
Humboldt 2006
The Burning of Humboldt 2006 reenactment from the Sept 1861 Raid by Confederate troops.   Some nice Herb Shemwell artistry on this photo

ITEM 1-6
Perryville KY 2002
this is a Herb Shemwell photo he worked on from his collection of photos from the last Perryville Reenactment.  He has made it appear like the old photos by artificially aging them to 'look' like glass-plate photos.   There will be more to come on that in the future.