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Column of Companies

Picture Gallery Two

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ITEM 2-1
Shawn Bell at Mine Creek
photo courtesy Ruben

ITEM 2-2
Ninth Texas 'historical' photo from Herb Shemwell
 The Ninth at old Fort Bellefontaine, north St. Louis, the Mississippi river is visible behind us if you look closely.

ITEM 2-3
Bentonville 2005
The unit 'galvanized' for this reenactment down in Bentonville, Arkansas.. 


ITEM 2-4
This was taken at Bentonville, Arkansas; Battle of Benton County

ITEM 2-5
Skirmish Line
At Corinth, 2005, the Ninth was out as Skirmishers.. just awaiting orders...

ITEM 2-6
Colonel Amend
Leading the 1st Missouri Battalion into Battle.  This picture was turned into a classic Glassplate version by Herb.

Herb's Oldfashioned Pictures