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Fireside reading at Cowtown.


Sgt. Randy Downey

Pvt. Staab and Pvt. Waters before the battle opens.


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 Sgt. Shively looking exceptional in Federal Blue!  


Priv. Driscoll awaits execution at Humboldt.


Sgt. Bell installs the Ninth's ceiling tile at the Tip On Inn.


The Ninth applies the torches to the town!


Pvt. Shemwell tries to calm the civilians!


Three comrades enjoy the Humboldt event.



















































































































































The Journal of the Ninth Texas Regiment of Infantry: 

Updated march 16, 2018


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Lamoni Cancelled 



Corporal Bob Albert retires

I am sad to report the retirement of 9th Texas First Corporal Bob Albert, after several decades as a reenactor with the unit; his first year in was 1991. Bob was a reenactor's reenactor, first rate in drill, impression, leadership, and knowledge. Known for his ready sense of humor (some might say his biting sense of humor), Bob had just as ready a smile, and was known as a brother from the lowliest private to the top rank in the Battalion. It is, of course, the rare reenactor who could take on the duties of a private and those of the top officer in the unit, all in the same day, and be happy to do it, but that was Bob. Bob was also one to both set a good example and to instill in us a desire to achieve it as well. And the 9th and the First Missouri Battalion, indeed Civil War reenacting as a whole, will be the worse for our loss of Bob.

Please join me in wishing Bob best success in his future endeavors, and letting him know that he will always have a home in the 9th Texas, wherever and whenever that might be.

I am, most respectfully,
Your humble servant,
Brian Cox
Captain, Ninth Texas


Farewell, old Friend - Cpl. Mark Gianelloni retires from the 9th Texas

With great sadness, I report that our own Corporal Mark Gianelloni is seeking greener pastures and relocating with his family to South Carolina.
Mark has been a Civil War reenactor for thirty-two (32) years, setting or close to setting a record for the 9th, and has been in our ranks since approximately 1992. Mark was recently promoted to Third Corporal of the 9th and served creditably in that role during recent campaign. Mark was also the owner/operator of Longwood Sutlery, bringing quality goods to the rank and file at the lowest possible price, as many of you can attest. His sons VJ and Atticus also fell in with us and served as good soldiers. And I would be remiss if I failed to mention Mark’s faithful wife Sarah without whose consent and support we would never have had Mark in the ranks.

I remember Mark as a capable reenactor and friend, with a ready laugh or smile. Mark never had a bad word to say about others, was always full of stories about events of long ago and could just as readily discuss current events and politics as he could the history of the War. I was impressed by Mark’s faithful attendance at Sunday Mass even while attending out-of-town events.

Mark promises to stay in touch (and has, as his Facebook posts show), and I hope that we will see him again on some field at some future national event. 

We are worse off without you, and Cpl. Gianelloni - you will be missed!

I am most respectfully, your obedient servant,

Brian Cox
9th Texas

New Pictures can be found on Facebook: 9th Texas Civil War reenacting

Drill notes Vol. III - Things every soldier, officer, non-com, and enlisted man, needs to know or refresh on - commands.

I have taken this from the text of Hardee’s (see, e.g., with some annotations by me given the reality of reenacting practice - these are noted by asterisks (**). I have also deleted those portions of the manual which are not actively used by the 9th or the Battalion   ( In the Captain's Corner)