Men of the 9th Texas -

    You have once again made history.

    Although the 1863 Gettysburg campaign ultimately proved unsuccessful against the federals, the 9th Texas successfully prevailed against the substantial odds against us - the long march to the battlefield both in time and distance, away from family and friends, the challenging geography at the site, the capriciousness of Mother Nature, at once throwing monsoon-like rain at us, then repeatedly near-unbearable heat and humidity.
    We battled a tenacious enemy handled well by his leaders, on his home territory, and gave them fair fight in battles on three successive days.

    On the third day, we unquestioningly formed up, elbow to elbow, for what we all knew would be an exposed march over open ground to face shot and shell from front and flank, and although losing many of our number, stood to the task.

    The 9th fielded the largest single company in the Battalion for this National event, proving once again that, when the chips are down, the 9th is up to whatever is asked of us.

    Words fail me in expressing how proud I am of each and every one of you in the excellent, unfailing performance of your soldierly duties. It has been, and will continue to be an honor and privilege to take the field with such stalwart warriors.

    Never forget - “There is none finer”: 9th Texas!

    Your obedient servant,

    Brian Cox, Captain - 9th Texas Reg't of Infantry